Interested in joining my street team? 



Alexa fans make my world go round and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. If you choose to help me spread the word about my books, please know that it means so much to me. 

Being part of the street team means helping to spread the word and help my books to reach new readers. In return, you will be part of a group that has access to exclusive contests and excerpts, firsthand news and the chance to receive goodies like signed stuff and promo swag. 


Street Team Expectations and Guidelines

a. Anything that is posted on the street team page is for your eyes only unless otherwise noted.
b. Promote the books with the intention of reaching and gaining new fans/readers.
c. Keep current readers updated on book releases, contests, takeovers and events.
d. Spread the word through social media but not in a spammy way.
e. Like all posts on street team page to let me know that you are aware of any updates.
f. If there is a “mission”, click “like” AND comment “done” (or something along those lines) once you completed the task.
g. If a street team member pimps on a page/blog, please go like their post.
h. Leave book reviews.


You can find my Pack of Misfits Street Team Facebook page HERE

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