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Rebel Heart Book 1


An angel girl with a destiny. 


The feisty Crimson Sin guitarist with commitment issues, a werewolf best friend and a penchant for partying. She’s a nephilim, half human and half angel. Like all undecided nephilim, she has to choose: serve the light or the dark. 


The intriguing bass player who catches Spike’s eye even though he’s her competition in the annual Battle of the Bands contest. He’s also an undecided nephilim and he doesn’t even know it.


An arrogant, drug dealing frontman. A dark nephilim, it’s his job to recruit Rowen for the dark and Spike is getting in his way. But there’s something he doesn’t know about Rowen. Something the dark has been keeping from Arrow.

When Spike and Arrow go head to head in more than just music, blackmail and secrets exposed challenge Spike to accept what she most fears: that she belongs in the battle between light and dark.


This series is a spin off from the Alexa O’Brien Huntress series, though each series stands on its own. Alexa fans can expect some light crossover action while new readers can jump in without having to read Alexa first.


Coming February 13, 2015


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Alexa O’Brien Huntress Book 9 


Alexa’s struggle with the turn has sent her straight into the arms of the one man who feeds her madness: Kale Sinclair. Together they wreak havoc on the city and discover why they are so wrong for one another. When Juliet O’Brien is the target of serious accusations by the FPA, Alexa is forced to get her shit together. The separation from Arys is driving her crazy and it’s only a matter of time until it pushes her past the point of no return. Regardless of their history, her sister needs her. And nothing is more powerful than blood.

Official blurb coming soon.

Coming early 2015 – Official Date TBA




Rebel Heart Book 2


Coming 2015


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